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Wildlife Observation & Bird Watching
Your 700 Acre Private Country Estate

Cumberland Mountain Lodge is surrounded by a permanent conservation easement and can be contracted as a site for education of wildlife observation groups.

Wildlife has always been plentiful on the Cumberland Mountain Farm. Recently there has been extensive habitat enhancement to increase the wildlife density even further. Approximately 150 acres of pasture have been reseeded with native warm season grasses. These grasses enhance wildlife in several ways:

  • The plants attract insects, and insects attract birds: songbirds, quail, dove, and wild turkey.
  • The quail attract raptors.
  • The plants provide quail a means of hiding from predators.
  • The plants provide nutrients and bedding areas for deer.

Wildlife observation is available for a daily fee of $30 per person (fee waived for those staying at the Cumberland Mountain Lodge). Special observation towers have been built.

"Great farm for birdwatchers. We identified 75 different species. Beautiful place."
CS—Ithaca, NY

Eastern Tennessee's native wildlife species can be viewed and studied. Bird watchers will enjoy a variety of easily seen songbirds. Raptors, including eagles, are present. Quail, grouse, woodcock, and wild turkey take some work to observe but are present in good numbers. Waterfowl are on farm ponds in migratory season. Coyotes and predatory cats are present but are more difficult to spot.

Noted Cornell University naturalist, Dr. Charles R. Smith, recently studied and inventoried various species on the farm. Follow the links below for an inventory list.

birds | amphibians and reptiles | odonates and butterflies | plants

The farm is also part of the Cornell Ornithology Lab Christmas bird count.

Applicants will be screened for serious wildlife observation intent and experience.
Observation must be made on foot. No vehicles are allowed.

Contact: John Looney 800-441-0496 or john.looney@duke.edu

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Observation Tower at Cumberland Mountain Lodge

A wild turkey parade

Tennessee Wildlife Observation